bankruptcy chapter 7 vs 13

Is Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 Better?

Chapter 13 & Chapter 7, the two most commonly used personal bankruptcy chapters. Your first question is probably, “Is it better to file Chapter 13 or Chapter 7?”  Both have some benefits and drawbacks, but thinking about the two from an overall perspective will help you select the perfect one for you.  However, before any

rebuilding financial future with bankruptcy

TV and the Movies Get Bankruptcy Wrong: Here’s What it’s Really Like

How does Bankruptcy Work? In the first scene in the series Schitt’s Creek, the comedy that exploded in popularity via Netflix, we see government agents swarming the stately home of the Rose family. They take their furniture, clothing, purses, even the enormous family portrait from the walls of the living room. Then they send them

Credit after bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Doesn’t Ruin Your Credit

How Quickly Can You Rebuild Your Credit After You File for Chapter 7? A Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as a complete bankruptcy, will stay on your credit reports for ten years. But it won’t take you that long to get your credit score back to a respectable level. If you take the proper steps,

Racial disparity in bankruptcy

Racial Disparity in Bankruptcy Relief During COVID

COVID-19 Bankruptcy Relief For some, bankruptcy acts as a fresh start. Filers can discharge their existing debts, get on a repayment plan, and re-organize their finances going forward. But bankruptcy doesn’t offer this kind of relief to everyone who files for it. Evidence shows that racial inequalities exist in consumer bankruptcies, leaving African American filers

Spouses file bankruptcy

Help – I’m married but my spouse won’t file.

What if You Want to File for Bankruptcy, But Your Spouse Won’t Consider It? Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision that has consequences for you and your family. If you’ve consulted with your spouse and they don’t want to file for bankruptcy, can you file alone? How will your filing affect your spouse? Do

COVID stimulus during bankruptcy

Covid Stimulus & Bankruptcy

What Happens to Your Covid Stimulus Money if You File for Bankruptcy? The three stimulus checks the U.S. government has issued during the COVID-19 pandemic have been lifelines for some people. But for people with debt or those considering bankruptcy, the stimulus money might not be such a benefit. Can creditors access your government stimulus

Bankruptcy Consultation

What to expect at your first consultation appointment

Consultation with A Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney We understand that meeting with an attorney can be stressful. Our Doyel Law bankruptcy attorney strives to make everything as smooth and easy as possible. When you contact us at Doyel Law you enter a judgment-free zone. From you first call to our office to the very end of

reaffirming a debt

Reaffirming a Debt

Debt Reaffirmations in Missouri Clients often tell me in the initial consultation that they want to reaffirm a particular debt. Do a quick google search about reaffirmation agreements. You will find scores of posts that suggest that you must reaffirm secured debts in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Therefore, it is important to know what reaffirming a

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