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How to Know if my Claim is Contingent, Unliquidated, or Disputed?

How to Know if my Claim is Contingent, Unliquidated, or Disputed?

Some people believe that filing a bankruptcy petition is an uncomplicated and straightforward process. One of the most important aspects of filing for bankruptcy is identifying your creditors’ names, how much you owe them, how much you make, and your personal assets and properties. This provides your bankruptcy trustee with information about your financial situation,

Debt Collectors

Do Debt Collectors Have Limitations?

Debt Relief Attorney in Sunset, Missouri Times are tough. Many good, industrious people have more bills than the y can handle due to the current economy. Countless people have struggled to make ends meet due to layoffs, medical challenges, and plain poor luck. The Doyel Law Firm can assist you if your bills are piling up

Nonexempt Property In Bankruptcy

Protect Your Assets: Understand Nonexempt Property in Bankruptcy

What happens to your property if you file bankruptcy? If you believe that all of your property is exempt and will automatically become yours upon filing under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7, you are misinformed. Most personal property isn’t exempt and can be taken from you by the creditor who brought the case against you. 

hat type of bankruptcy is chapter 7

What Are The Different Types Of Bankruptcies Available To Me?

So, you noticed that you are struggling to pay your bills every month and wonder if bankruptcy is the right choice? When you run into financial problems in Missouri, you typically have several options. You can look to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or even a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, filing

bankruptcy chapter 7 vs 13

Is Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 Better?

Chapter 13 & Chapter 7, the two most commonly used personal bankruptcy chapters. Your first question is probably, “Is it better to file Chapter 13 or Chapter 7?”  Both have some benefits and drawbacks, but thinking about the two from an overall perspective will help you select the perfect one for you.  However, before any

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