Bankruptcy Doesn’t Ruin Your Credit

Credit after bankruptcy

How Quickly Can You Rebuild Your Credit After You File for Chapter 7?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as a complete bankruptcy, will stay on your credit reports for ten years. But it won’t take you that long to get your credit score back to a respectable level. If you take the proper steps, you can improve your credit score within 1-2 years after your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Tips for Rebuilding Your Credit Quickly

If you want to increase your credit score, you’ll have to assure creditors you’re no longer a risk. Below are some tips for keeping your credit healthy.

  1. Keep tabs on your credit report: Use free tools that let you check your credit report frequently, so you can see what is keeping your credit score low. You should also look for any errors so you can dispute them.
  2. Get a secured credit card: A secured credit card works like a regular credit card, but instead of making payments after your purchases, you pay an upfront deposit and borrow against it. All of your payments will be on time, which gets reported to credit bureaus and helps build good credit history.
  3. Take out a credit builder loan: With a credit builder loan, the lender deposits the money into a savings account for you, and you can make payments over time. You can’t take money from the loan until you’ve finished making monthly payments.
  4. Develop good debt management habits: Create a budget and learn how to track your expenses and income. You should also pay close attention to payment deadlines.
  5. Enroll in our 7 steps to 720 Credit Score program: We offer all our clients enrollment in this program, which can help them raise their credit score over 700 in just 1-2 years. You’ll learn tips and guidelines for rebuilding your credit fast.

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