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Every bankruptcy filer must go through a creditors meeting (AKA 341 hearing). It can be nerve-wracking to face strangers who interrogate you about sensitive areas of your life. It’s best to thoroughly prepare to get through this meeting and eliminate your debt. 

Doyel Law has helped many clients throughout the bankruptcy process, including meeting creditors. Our years of experience serving Missouri debtors will be invaluable to helping you get rid of your debt and get a fresh start! 

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Why do I need a 341 Hearing Attorney in Missouri?

meeting of creditors sunset hills, mo If you’re already overwhelmed by debt, you may think it’s not worth hiring a lawyer. After all, it’s hard to add another expense on top of everything else that you’re juggling. However, the benefits of skipping the attorney may be for naught when your bankruptcy petition gets rejected. A simple mistake may cause the bankruptcy court to deny your claim, or worse, suspect you of fraud. An experienced attorney can ensure that everything is in order to maximize the chances of your petition going through.

Here are some traits you should look for in your bankruptcy attorney:

  • A good bankruptcy lawyer is highly experienced. Only experienced attorneys have the necessary knowledge and experience to be of service to bankruptcy clients, gained from several former customer interactions. 
  • They are easily reachable whenever their services are urgently needed. An essential part of the job of a bankruptcy lawyer has the will to invest effort and time to be of service to their clients. 
  • A good bankruptcy lawyer has garnered multiple positive reviews over time. Positive reviews are among the reliable sources that aid in enabling clients to trust attorneys. 
  • A competent bankruptcy lawyer furnishes a contract between the law firm and the clients. Clients know their transactions with bankruptcy lawyers are legitimate when the latter drafts and issues transaction contracts. 
  • A professional bankruptcy lawyer facilitates reasonable and clear agreements. Experienced attorneys do not rip clients off their money. These attorneys also do not beat around the bush. Clients get what they see when the latter decides to facilitate transactions with such attorneys. 
  • A good bankruptcy lawyer is highly communicative. One of the top ways clients and attorneys understand services and transactions is through open and honest communication. 

Our law firm, Doyel Law, houses attorneys who integrate all of these traits. Our team of 341 hearing attorneys in Sunset Hills, MO., is ready to help you get through the bankruptcy process so you can work on rebuilding your finances. Get more information regarding our services.

What is Meeting of Creditors?

Individuals are mandated to attend hearings where creditors ask questions about their debts upon filing for bankruptcy in Missouri. Such hearings are collectively referred to as “341 meeting of creditors.” 

The meeting has been named after section 341 of the bankruptcy code. Per this code, all creditors in Missouri can ask the debtors questions regarding the debts owed. 

Bankruptcy sit across from the clients, defending the latter, while the meetings or hearings commence. It is not common for creditors to attend 341 meetings or hearings in Missouri. But, if the creditors participate in these meetings, the debtors’ attorneys will inform them of their rights and make the necessary objections. 

Usually, creditors in Missouri present in the 341 meetings are individuals with whom debtors owe personal debts. Examples of these creditors are ex-spouses and former business partners. However, these creditors are not allowed to pressure the debtors to pay up. The trustee is there to uphold the debtors’ rights during these hearings. The trustee likewise ensures that the creditors don’t lose their composure.

What Happens After a 341 Meeting of Creditors

The trustees decide whether to arrange for a different hearing or to throw out the debts of the debtors after the creditors’ meetings. There will be another meeting of this type the following day if the trustees or creditors require additional information or answers to their questions. Once the debts are discharged, no further meeting of the creditors shall be required.

Debtors who petition for Chapter 7 bankruptcy must also submit their debtor education certificate and wait for their debts to be discharged. Debtors who petition for Chapter 13 must go to meetings to confirm their repayment. The debtors often pay off their debts over the period of three to five years once the courts accept the payment arrangements. It is important for debtors and creditors to be aware that 341 hearings may be delayed if necessary paperwork or other requirements are not presented.

The meeting of creditors usually take one day. However, certain circumstances may require the trustee to call another meeting. Below are some of the common reasons: 

Missing Identification 

Debtors or creditors would need to attend another meeting of creditors the next business day if they forgot to bring their identification documents during the hearings. An example of an acceptable identification to be presented during the 341 meetings is a social security identification. 

Financial Information Documents 

The trustees will extend the 341 meetings to another day if debtors or creditors have not brought their financial information documents. Any parties will need to present these documents during the 341 meetings if the trustees verify data from such records.

What advantages do bankruptcy filings offer?

Chapter 7:

This Chapter of the Bankruptcy Code enables you to pay off your debt considerably more quickly. The majority of Chapter 7 liquidation don’t last more than six months.

Chapter 13:

Individuals who file under bankruptcy Chapter 13 are typically those who want to keep their assets or who do not meet the requirements for Chapter 7. When someone files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization, the foreclosure process might be stopped, and as time goes on, late mortgage payments might be eliminated.

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