Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy is not something we always want to think about or acknowledge. The mere thought of going bankrupt, having to sell some properties, and damaged credit are enough to give anyone a headache. If you’ve ever filed for bankruptcy or gone through foreclosure, chances are these will impact your credit score, making it difficult for you apply for a credit card or get a loan. When faced with these complex situations, it is important that you get in touch with a bankruptcy attorney who can help you with rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy in St. Louis, MO. 

When seeking to rebuild your credit, be sure that the hands that guide you are good ones. Doyel Law has been helping clients in the St. Louis, MO area with concerns related to bankruptcy, from chapter 7, chapter 13, right down to rebuilding credit after bankruptcy. The firm’s vast expertise in the area of bankruptcy makes the attorney suitable and qualified in guiding you towards improving your credit score. 

Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis, MO

Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy
A bankruptcy attorney can walk you through the various steps you need to take in order to rebuild your credit from keeping tabs on your credit score to having a secured credit card right down to developing good debt and financial management habits in order to ensure that your finances are in check. Doyel Law can help you get through all of this and build your credit.

When faced with rebuilding credit, foreclosure, and other matters related to bankruptcy, enlist legal help from Doyel Law. The St. Louis, MO law firm‘s extensive bankruptcy experience makes them fully capable of providing tailor-fit solutions to your credit problems. Get in touch with a bankruptcy attorney from Doyel Law now

Why do I need to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy in MO?

Every new beginning is terrifying and rebuilding credit is no exemption. There are steps that one needs to take in order to improve their credit score once more and having a credit repair attorney by your side can help you go through this dilemma. The attorney at Doyel Law takes every case into consideration and looks closely into each client’s problems. He can help file for bankruptcy, stop lawsuits to avoid foreclosure and repossession, and even resolve your debt. 

An attorney should be able to guide their clients through the process of rebuilding credit after bankruptcy in St. Louis, MO. They should be able to help clients:

  • Keep tabs on their Credit Report and ensure they don’t go above the Credit Limit
  • Obtain Secured Credit Cards
  • Take Out A Credit Builder Loan
  • Spend Responsibly to ensure a Good Credit report
  • Partake in the firm’s 720 Credit Score Program. 

The attorney should be able to look into an individual’s financial situation and craft goals from there, goals that will get the client to build credit effectively. One should also have a vast knowledge of all the fields of bankruptcy from chapter 7 vs. chapter 13, wage garnishments, repossession, foreclosures, and others as these have significant impacts on an individual’s credit. 

Lastly, an attorney should be able to give a human feel to their clients. This is done through establishing trust and honesty and realizing that each individual has their own financial dilemmas and each action is different from the other. Individualized approaches are taken by Doyel Law in order to ensure that their clients get the best outcome possible. 

If you’re looking for a bankcruptcy lawyer to fight for you and help you get back on your feet, then look no further. With over a decade’s worth of experience, Doyel Law offers expert solutions to complicated problems.

What is Rebuilding Credit?

Most people who file for bankruptcy, be it chapter 7 or chapter 13, have other worries on their mind, that being the effect bankruptcy has on their credit scores and how they can start building credit. Creditors don’t like seeing bankruptcy on credit reports however the impact depends on the credit status prior to filing for bankruptcy. Proven delinquency on various accounts with a high debt-to-asset ratio means that the credit is low. Filing for bankruptcy will lower the score but it won’t dip to the depths. If the credit score was good prior to filing for bankruptcy, then it could possibly take a much bigger hit. 

Does Bankruptcy Help Improve Credit Score?

Bankruptcy doesn’t immediately improve your credit but it is a quick way to rebuild credit. If you are behind debt payments or have accounts in collection, bankruptcy helps you get on your feet compared to other debt programs. Bankruptcy helps eliminate other types of debt and is a fresh start for most individuals. Reduction of debt load along with realigning your finances can help you make loan and credit payments on time which in turn reduces debt-to-income ratio. 

If you don’t file for bankruptcy on the other hand, you won’t be able to improve your poor credit since you will continuously commit the same errors of making late payments and defaulting on debt pay off. When in doubt, get in touch with an attorney who can advise you on the best alternative to see the best option for you. 

Can I Improve My Bankruptcy Score After Bankruptcy?

It takes ten years for bankruptcy to stay on your credit report but in spite of this, you can still start building your credit right away. There are certain criteria scoring companies take into consideration when computing scores, namely:

  • Payment History
  • Outstanding Debt
  • Length of Credit History
  • How Much Credit You’ve Applied

One can improve their credit after bankruptcy. Pay your bills and stay responsible with your spending. Keeping their debt load low compared to their available credit. Once you are ready, you can get a credit card, make small charges and pay the bill in full. 

Call our Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy Attorney Now!

Bankruptcy isn’t meant to be viewed as the end of the world. In fact, it should be viewed as a fresh start towards rebuilding your life and your credit. There are several ways in which one can rebuild and improve their credit score and having a competent attorney by your side is the best first step to making a turn for the best. 

Get in touch with an attorney from Doyel Law who can help you navigate the legalities and processes involved in bankruptcy and rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy in St. Louis, MO. 

With over a decade of experience in various fields related to bankruptcy such as wage garnishment and repossession, the law firm’s attorney is fully equipped with the skill and knowledge to ensure that you improve your credit score and get the best outcome possible. Schedule an appointment with Doyel Law now!

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